2014 Forward Set Cycling Kit Pre-Order

2014 FWDSET Cycling Kit Preview

Our long awaiting cycling kits are now up for pre-order until Friday, May 2nd. Available in men and women specific sizing, quality produced by Champion System.

Included with the pre-order are the jersey, bibshorts, and arm warmers… which can all be ordered as individual items so you can pick and choose what you’d like out of kit.

2014 FWDSET Jersey


Our 2014 jersey features our classic logo along with our new meridian badge logo on the back. The background of the jersey depicts our roots from Jacksonville, Florida with the entrance into downtown from the Riverside area. A daily crossing during commuting to work as a messenger. Reflective piping is stitched on to each side of the rear jersey pockets for increased visibility at night.

Only Champion System jerseys move and breath with you using our exclusive microfiber CS Tech polyester wicking fabric. Our jerseys are designed for cool, warm, and hot/humid conditions. Champion System jerseys are anatomically shaped and tailored to a riding position.

Champion System fabric is knitted with 100% permanent UV protection yarn able to reach UPF50+. Protects skin from harmful UV rays. Keeps skin cool and dry. Soft and comfortable to the touch.

Available in men and women’s specific sizes. Women’s cut is a standardized cut, men’s jersey’s will be race cut.

2014 FWDSET Bibshorts


Our 2014 bibshorts feature our chevron logos oversized on each thigh to remind you while riding to keep pushing forward. Forever forward.

The pad that has been worn to victories in races around the world, the CS Performance SCT (Seamless Comfort Technology) Pad is a revolutionary, 100%-seamless, multi-density, Italian 4-Way Pad. What truly sets our new pad apart is that it’s a stretch pad. That’s right — an elastic chamois. Why is this important? As you ride and your legs go round and round, you need a pad that moves and conforms. Traditional pads stay in one place. Ours doesn’t. The first time you ride in our stretch 4-Way Pad — you will immediately feel the difference!

Our 4-Way Pad is BIOAKTIV. Unlike other pads that are labeled as “antibacterial,” our pad uses no chemical substance on the fabric, and no chemical substance is near your skin. BIOAKTIV prevents the formation of bacteria, thanks to silver ions in the yarn. Unlike a chemical substance on the fabric, this is permanent; it does not disappear after washing! Available in men’s and women’s versions. Made in Italy.

Available in men and women’s specific sizes/pads.




Keep warm with our Lycra NGUNGI Arm Warmers. Designed with the monochromatic Forward Set logo. “Never Give Up” on the left wrist, and “Never Give In” on the right wrist that is readable while riding for motivation. Made to match with any kit you own and can be layered underneath clothes for extra warmth.

We are introducing a new concept with the order of the 2014 Forward Set Cycling Kit (jersey + bibshorts). If you are ordering a kit, consider joining our Rider Reward Program. CLICK HERE FOR MORE INFO.

Pre-order runs from 4/18/14-5/2/14. Champion System estimates production time to be 6 weeks. Estimated delivery by June.

Forward Set Mobile App

Forward Set App Promo

Yep! You heard right. Forward Set now has a mobile app to make it easier to browse the site, keep up to date with events, follow our social media, shop our online store, and much more. There will also be special offers that only app users will be able to receive.

The app is now currently available for download on Android, iOS, and Amazon mobile devices.


4Riz Waterproof Jacket


Just caught some photos and videos of a waterproof rain jacket from 4Riz. I’ve got to say, I’m always a fan of a nice commuter-oriented waterproof jacket.

I looks like a quality jacket, but unfortunately there doesn’t seem to be much information on the jacket itself and where to get it. Also, not too sure what makes this jacket fixed gear specific.

You can check out more on what 4Riz is doing over on their Facebook.

A Day With Pelizzoli

Screen Shot 2014-04-23 at 1.38.29 PM

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. There’s just something I find extremely peaceful and interesting about build and maker’s videos. Especially when it clearly shows the passion that such a company as Pelizzoli puts in to their bikes.

Having your own, made to measure frame made is a one-of-a-kind experience. Especially when you commission it to master frame builder Giovanni Pelizzoli and his team. Planning the frame, discussing it together in all of its details, establishing a precise purpose and developing it accordingly is something to be recommended to anyone with a true passion for bicycles.

Leader Bikes x Vans 2014

Looks like Leader Bikes and Vans have teamed up with a series of collaborative items including a bike, t-shirts, shoes, and a few accessories. I’m a little confused on Brotures role here with the collab, but it seems like they played a part in this as well.


I’m a fan of black, but I have to say I’m actually digging the subtle cycling detail of the Leader x Vans Era Checker in white. Also, nice to see that they decided to shoot quite a bit of the promo shots here in Los Angeles.


These are a few of the photos I liked the most out of the bunch, but check out some more info and shots over on their newly launched website.


Patrick Seabase for Continental Tires


Traction speaks louder than words.

Caught this rad ad for Continental Tires over at Fixed Gear London.

It features rider Patrick Seabase whipping quite the epic skid while descending Galibier. Spot on advert if you ask me.

Photo by Gian Paul Lozza.

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